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Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute Seminar

"You Can Learn a Lot Just By Watching: Uses abd Abuses of MRI and Simultaneous PET/MRI
May 2013
Wednesday, May 8, 2013
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Herklotz Seminar Room, ZNI 112

Russell Jacobs,PhD, Member, Beckman Institute, Division of Biology California Institute of Technology
Like any technology MRI and PET have appropriate and inappropriate uses. Dr. Russell Jacobs will discuss why one might bother with either. Then, he will resent a range of applications: how 3D atlas mouse and quail can be created from high resolution MR images: delve into how legions and brain structures changes in mouse models of multiple sclerosis are amenable to study with MRI and describe how statistical paramedic mapping (SPM) of multiple MRI brain scans of monoamine transporter KO mouse models provide information about neural circuitry alterations. Monitoring Changes in tumor physiology is an important aspect of both clinical and per-clinical imaging,- ADC and cell tracking work will be discussed. Recording of PET and MR images simultaneously is a recent development with a host of uses and abuses-Dr. Jacobs wil present on work in a mouse model of atherosclerosis and oncology that require the sensitivity of PET and resolution.

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