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Health, Technology Forum (HTF) and Health, Technology, and Engineering at USC, HTE@USC " Meetup"

"Global Health: Innovative Solutions for Developing Economies"
August 2013
Wednesday, August 28, 2013
5:30 PM - 9:30 PM
NRT LG503/4 - Harlyne Tower
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Dr. Heather Wipfli will be presenting as the keynote speaker. Balaji Govindan (Boston Scientific) and Joshua Gray (ISE PhD candidate and HTE student) will also be presenting.
The Health, Technology, and Engineering Program will host a "meetup." The HTE@USC-hosted meetups present a mix of USC and outside subject matter experts, users, entrepreneurs, regulators, and providers address each others needs and solutions. The objective is to connect entrepreneurs with professionals who are addressing real-life problems in the healthcare ecosystem. The aim is to provide a platform for knowledge sharing valuable to participants. The meetups are organized in partnership with the Health Technology Forum (HTF). HTF is a global platform for people who have a common interest in making healthcare better, more accessible and affordable. HTF's international network of technology and healthcare entrepreneurs, developers, regulators, and providers are advancing the pace of healthcare innovation by engaging in exciting and productive dialogue between experts in healthcare. To learn more about HTF, visit:

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